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The open source platform for scientific and educational collaboration

Advanced Approaches to Materials Research Data Capture and Management

Automate data and meta-data collection. Improve your data quality. Transparently review and analyze collected data on per-project basis. Safeguard and selectively share your data using cloud technologies.

State-of-the-art Materials Analytics Models, Frameworks and Software Tools

Explore and use advanced data science frameworks and tools. Derive new knowledge from big data. Use templatable portable reproducible workflows. Discover valuable process-structure-property linkages.

Comprehensive e-Collaboration Platform for the Materials Science and Engineering Domain

Transparently collaborate with colleagues and partners in the cloud. Dramatically improve research productvity through convenient features. Accelerate materials innovation in your organization and industry.

Features & Benefits


Cloud-based repository of user-submitted pieces of content that cover a wide range of topics.

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MATIN resources repository offers convenient interface to users for contributing, discovering and consuming valuable content. Contributors have certain control over various aspects of their resources, including licensing and storage.


A special type of resources offering collaborative shared bookmarking

Similar to resources, collections offer flexible and rich features for sharing, discovering and consuming external knowledge-focused resources.


Tags are keywords or phrases (category labels) that help find content, events and members, which have something in common or similar interests. Tags can be added to groups, your profile, resources, wiki pages, and events.

As metadata, tags are invaluable for discoverability and unification of various types of content available on the platform. They serve as an important foundational element of our knowledge management strategy toward building MATIN as a semantic technologies-based platform for interoperability and knowledge sharing.


Virtual workspace for topic- or project-based collaborative discussions and content sharing.

Groups are an easy way to share content and conversation, either privately, or publicly. Many times, a group already exists for a specific interest or topic. If you cannot find one you like or need, feel free to start your own.


Virtual workspace for managing and publishing project-related data, workflows and communication.

Whether working on a new funding proposal, research paper or developing an application, projects are a great way to manage your data, workflows and communication. With projects, collaboration is easy and efficient.

Executable Tools

Also referred to as simulation/modeling tools, scientific software, which is hosted on the platform and allows browser-based access to its functionality, usually via graphical user interface (GUI).

Users do not need to worry about setting up complex software infrastructure and dependencies - instead they can focus on solving scientific problems. Real-time tool sessions can be shared with other MATIN users or groups, enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration. Executable tools can run scientific workflows locally as well as on external cyberinfrastructure, including high-performance computing resources, such as XSEDE.

Questions & Answers

Virtual space for asking and answering questions as well as discovering already answered questions.

Learn from insights and knowledge of your colleagues or share yours and improve your reputation in the field. Captured knowledge can then be semantically linked and used for extracting valuable trends and linkages by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches, methods and tools.


Virtual collaborative editing of webpages (also referred to as wiki pages).

Typically used for capturing topic- and/or project-based information, insights and knowledge. Offers convenient tools for structuring content and interacting with fellow collaborators. Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. MATIN wiki functionality supports version control and rich formatting, including full support for LaTeX.

Discussion Forum

Virtual collaborative space for topic-focused online discussions.

Similar to Q&A and wiki, MATIN forum offers the convenience of asynchronous feature-rich communication and collaboration, complementing the platform's real-time tools - all within the same consistent cloud environment.

Member Directory

Directory of the platform members' public profiles, which include various details about the user.

MATIN member directory can be an invaluable resource for learning more about colleagues and existing collaborators as well as for discovering potential collaborators for new research projects. Offers convenient tools for searching and filtering as well as private messaging.

Career Opportunities

Virtual career marketplace for academia, industry and national labs.

Provides organizations with convenient tools for reaching out to relevant audiences for career opportunities of various types as well as offers MATIN members interested in such opportunities to easily discover them and connect with relevant organizations.

Events Calendar

Virtual calendar of relevant events

The events can be searched and displayed in a number of formats. The calendar also offers convenient tools for automatic creation of registration (RSVP) forms for selected events and managing information about the respondents.


MATIN newsletters are offered in two main categories: weekly digest and topic-based. Users can subscribe to and unsubscribe from corresponding newsletters, based on their research interests.

The newsletters are available in multiple formats: online (HTML), PDF and e-mail. MATIN newsletters are unique in that they contain content automatically collected from a .wide variety of highly relevant sources.

Knowledge Base

Cloud-based repository of structured thematic knowledge.

Allows configurable taxonomy and simple interface. MATIN knowledge base (KB) is integrated with the platform's global search, thus, users can conveniently discover relevant KB articles. MATIN KB naturally complements its Questions & Answers repository, which is focused on capturing and sharing less structured knowledge.

Tickets & Wishlists

Handle submission and processing user-initiated tickets and wishes (feature requests).

Fully integrated component of the platform, offering MATIN users and developers a convenient communication channel, which guarantees that valuable user feedback is processed with utmost care.

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