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Alicia Rossi

How do I work interactively with matlab in Jupyter?

I am trying to run a code using Jupiter which requires images to be produced and the user to interact with them.  Is this possible with Jupyter?  I receive the following error after each cell even ones which are all comments. 

File /matlab2016a/toolbox/matlab/graphics/private/validate.m, line 222, in validate

  File /matlab2016a/toolbox/matlab/graphics/print.m, line 81, in print

  File /matlab2016a/toolbox/matlab/general/saveas.m, line 168, in saveas
Printing of uicontrols is not supported on this platform.

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    Aleksandr Blekh

    Unless there is a package dependency issue, I think that success in working with images in MATLAB on Jupyter depends on what specific functionality you're trying to use. For example, plot() and saveas() functions seem to work fine in my example MATLAB notebook. Perhaps, MATLAB Jupyter kernel, which MATIN uses, implements a subset of the full MATLAB functionality. What image-related functions does your code contain?

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