Data Management


Why Manage Research Data?

Organize your research so it can be reproduced. Managing your data makes it easier to understand the details and procedures relating to your data and data collection throughout the lifecycle of the project. Preserve and share your data to get recognition. The data you collect are the basis of your research. They are your unique contribution, and preserving them means that your work will be recognized by others. It also ensures that your work can support future research and facilitate new discoveries.

What is a Data Management Plan?

A data management plan, or DMP (sometimes also called a data sharing plan), is a formal document that outlines what you will do with your data during and after a research project. Most researchers collect data with some form of plan in mind, but it's often inadequately documented and incomplete. Many data management issues can be handled easily or avoided entirely by planning ahead. With the right process and framework it doesn't take too long and can pay off enormously in the long run.


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DMP Support for Sponsored Projects

MATIN team is pleased to offer data management planning and execution support for researchers and research groups that participate in sponsored research projects (backed by federal, industry or mixed grants or similar funding sources. Relevant planning and execution implies using MATIN platform for the lifecycle of the projects. For a blueprint of MATIN-based data management, please see DMP Templates section below. Should you have any organizational, financial or technical questions in regard to this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Data Management Consulting

We also offer data management-focused customized consulting and/or educational services for research projects or groups that are not covered by sponsored grant awards or similar funding as well as for projects or groups that have very specific requirements (e.g., need to support exotic data types, complex data-driven workflows, high security requirements). Similarly to the DMP Support for Sponsored Projects service, we invite you to contact us with questions or requests.

DMP Templates