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Georgia Tech Polymer Network (GTPN) Special Seminar - Translationally Relevant Chemical Strategies for Imparting Bioactive Functional Groups on Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine

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Dr. Matthew Becker

W. Gerald Austen Professor of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering

Professor of Polymer Science & Biomedical Engineering

Associate Dean for Research

College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering

The University of Akron

Friday, April 14, 2017

4:00 PM, MoSE 3201A


Translationally Relevant Chemical Strategies for Imparting Bioactive Functional Groups on Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine

Abstract:  Efficient, reproducible, and precise methodologies for fabricating tissue engineering scaffolds using three-dimensional (3D) printing techniques are evolving rapidly. Fusion deposition modeling, laser sintering, and photochemical printing are used widely for a number of applications.  However, each has significant limitations, including the materials that can be used with each printing system. Necessarily, new and promising materials are surfacing as alternatives to previously studied resorbable TE materials for 3D printing. One such resorbable polymer is poly(propylene fumarate) (PPF), which can be printed using photo crosslinking methods. The ability to print new materials opens up TE to a wide range of possibilities not previously available. The ability to control precise geometries, porosity, degradation, and functionalities present on 3D printable polymers such as PPF shows a new layer of complexity available for the design and fabrication of TE scaffolds. This presentation will describe the use of several translationally relevant chemistries and functionalization strategies that are impacting the practice of medicine and how physicians are planning for future therapies that were not possible previously.

Biosketch: Matthew Becker is the W. Gerald Austen Professor of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering at the University of Akron.  Professor Becker completed his PhD in organic chemistry in 2003 at Washington University in St. Louis under the direction of Professor Karen L Wooley as an NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Fellow.  In 2003, he moved to the Polymers Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology for a NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship.  He joined the permanent staff in 2005 and led projects in bioimaging, biomaterials and combinatorial methods for tissue engineering.  Professor Becker joined the University of Akron in 2009.  His multidisciplinary group works at the interface of materials and medicine and to date has published more than 120 papers and has 30 patents pending.  He is the founder of two start-up companies, 21st Century Medical Technologies & 3D BioActives. In 2015, Professor Becker was one of two scientists worldwide under 40 named Macromolecules-Biomacromolecules Young Investigators.  He is a Kavli Fellow and a Fellow of the American Chemical Society PMSE Division and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Hosted by:  Prof. Will Gutekunst

When: Friday 14 April, 2017, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT
Where: MoSE Building, 3201A
Submitted by: Aleksandr Blekh
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