CSE 8803 / ME 8883 - Materials Informatics Course - Fall 2016

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20 Aug 2016

CSE 8803/ME 8883 - High Contrast Composites - Blog Post #2: 2-Point Statistics of Two-Phase Microstructures

Based on the presentations given in class on Monday, October 3, most groups are at one of two points in the project. They have acquired their datasets and are 1) trying to find a way to discretize the data or 2) have discretized the data and are performing two-point statistics on their datasets. In either case, a strong understanding of two-point statistics is likely of great importance at the current step.

In my case, I have acquired microstructure datasets that are already discretized. As I mentioned in my presentation last week, the two-phase microstructure data comes in the form of an array of 1’s and 0’s that describes the composition of the microstructure. The microstructure is simple and the features of the microstructure become obvious when plotted.

I have plotted the microstructures in 3-D and center-plane cross-sections of the microstructures in the XY, XZ, and YZ planes. Below each in-plane view of the microstructures is the two-point statistics of that orientation. My goal is that these simple examples will demonstrate how the microstructural features are captured by spatial statistics and will help give a more intuitive understanding of the spatial statistics performed on your own microstructures.






2-Point_Statistics_of_Two-Phase_Microstructures.pdf (551 KB)

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