CSE 8803 / ME 8883 - Materials Informatics Course - Fall 2016

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20 Aug 2016

Post 1 - Introduction

Extracting Morphological Changes in Nanocrystals Using in Situ Liquid Cell Microscopy


With the increasing predominance of nanoscale systems in both industry and research, understanding the shape evolution and kinetics of metallic nanocrystals is highly desirable. With the advancement of CCD cameras and the development of liquid cell microscopy holders, it is now possible to study nanocrystal nucleation and growth inside the microscope. In situ liquid cell microscopy allows for the growth of the nanocrystals to be studied in real time with nanoscale resolution. Below is a schematic demonstrating bright field and high-angle annular dark field imaging in the microscope. Our videos show both bright and dark field imaging simultaneously.

BF_DF_Overview.jpg Bright and dark field STEM imaging

Data Set and Desired Linkage

The provided data set is a raw video file of scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) imaging of in situ nucleation and growth of palladium nanocrystals from aqueous H2Pd Cl4 induced by the energetics of the electron beam. We are aiming to connect the process variables of electron beam intensity, solution composition, and exposure time to the structural evolution of the nanocrystals. Our provided data set is the STEM generated growth video; relevant metadata includes electron beam dosage, solution chemistry, and exposure time. We plan to link statistical analysis of this metadata with image analysis providing morphology, shape evolution, crystal structure and growth kinetics. Our next presentation/blog post will further elucidate our work plan and data analysis methods. Although we have received one video, we are currently limited by the amount of data in our possession. We are in contact with the researchers and should remedy this soon. Below is a sample frame from our first video. Please feel free to comment!

Sample_Images.jpg Sample frame from dataset

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