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20 Aug 2016

Nanocrystals: Blog Post 4 - Two-Point Statistics /

Nanocrystals: Blog Post 5 - Periodic vs. Non-Periodic Two-Point Statistics

Extracting morphological changes in nanocrystals using in situ liquid cell microscopy

Periodic vs Non-Periodic Two-Point Statistics

As discussed in the last blog, our system does not have strict periodicity in the microstructure. This means the two-point statistics calculations should reflect this and be non-periodic in nature. Below are two plots: the first is the (correct) non-periodic plot, and the other is the (incorrect) periodic two-point statistics plot.



Just looking at the two plots, the differences do not seem greatly significant. Or at least not to me, if someone else has opinions then please feel free to share. I think it just shows how deceptive two-point statistics can sometime be if you aren’t careful. There may not appear to be much difference, but it might make a significant impact later on down the line.

Next Steps

Now that we have two-point statistics sorted out, the next post will be about PCA. We will discuss some of the steps to go from spatial statistics to PCA, and will show some initial results. We will elaborate further on PCA and reconstruction of spatial statistics in a later post.

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