Materials Informatics Course (CSE 8803 / ME 8883) — Fall 2017

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03 Aug 2017

Fracture Surfaces of Dual-Phase Steels

CSE 8803: Materials Informatics

Fall 2017, Georgia Institute of Technology

Karla Wagner

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My project will be developing two-point statistics of fracture surfaces in order to quantify and distinguish between differing fracture features on a series of tensile test specimens under various magnitudes of strain rates. My goal is to relate these features and their corresponding failure mechanisms to the initial microstructure and the strain rates. This will create a process-structure linkage, in that we can consider the fracture surface to be the structure (and analyze it accordingly) and the original microstructure and rate of testing to be considered the processing resulting in the structure. All data has been generated and images taken by a member of my group, Sukanya Sharma, who has already done substantial image analysis by hand.

The material system for this project is dual-phase 980 steel – one set of samples is simply cold-rolled and the other set is galvannealed. This change in processing creates very dissimilar microstructures and therefore fracture surfaces/mechanisms, but testing results indicate very similar mechanical properties. By having analysis of both microstructure and fracture surfaces, I hope to make a connection between any mechanistic changes in fracture of the steels and the original microstructure and testing conditions.

Although automated statistical analysis of microstructures is now relatively common, fracture surfaces are much less frequently analyzed in this manner. I believe this work will be novel and possible to pursue within a semester. At the very least, it will assist Sukanya in her future work.

Project Website:

Project Presentations:
Fracture_Surfaces_of_Dual-Phase_Steels_Pres_1.pptx (24 MB, uploaded by Karla Wagner 3 years 9 months ago)
Fracture_Surfaces_of_Dual-Phase_Steels_Pres_2.pptx (13 MB, uploaded by Karla Wagner 3 years 9 months ago)
Fracture_Surfaces_of_Dual-Phase_Steels_Pres_3.pptx (9 MB, uploaded by Karla Wagner 3 years 8 months ago)
Fracture_Surfaces_of_Dual-Phase_Steels_Pres_4.pptx (24 MB, uploaded by Karla Wagner 3 years 7 months ago)

Presentation 4 contains narration that can be heard by selecting ‘from beginning’ in the slide show tab after opening the file.

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