Equipment and Lab Automation (ELA) Development

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04 Jun 2018

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Main objective of the project is to design, build and launch a modern cloud platform utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to enable maximum automation for capturing all relevant metadata(information) that connects all the data generated from multiple instruments by multiple users on multiple samples in a typical research and innovation laboratory. Potential benefits from such a platform include: improved reproducibility and provenance of scientific artifacts, increased productivity for both researchers and industry stakeholders engaged in any collaborative research project, and improved knowledge sharing as well as new knowledge generation.

The ELA project is exploring theoretical and practical aspects of applying IoT approaches, methods and tools to automate the entire lifecycle of experimental materials innovation processes: from automated collection, storage and management of data and metadata generated by equipment and exploratory analysis in materials research laboratories to advanced materials analytics tools, based on advanced statistical methods, portable research workflows, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, semantic technology-based knowledge management (including recommendation) systems, combined with the robust project management and e-collaboration features, based on open source software. Benefits of the ELA project are critical for accelerating the rate of materials-manufacturing innovation and reducing the cost of design, development and deployment of new materials for advanced technologies of national importance, as envisioned by the federal, multi-agency, Materials Genome Initiative (MGI).


(It could be one line at this moment, but we will need to expand it as project move forward). In intro provide as many as figures, and table as you can. Learn how to add references. and also different sections.

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I need a movie window (the video on youtube) as a demo of how the scanning works

The ELA platform is hosted on Georgia Tech network as

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