Autonomous Exploration of AM Process Space

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04 Jun 2018

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by Ali Khosravani


This project aims to develop the experimental and data practices, infrastructure and knowledge to create process-property relationships in polymer additive manufacturing (AM). The tool of choice for this project is the Optomec Aerosol Jet. Much of the work for this project is being done in collaboration with Air Force Research Lab’s (AFRL) RXAS (Materials & Manufacturing directorate (RX), Functional Materials division (A), Soft Matter Materials branch (S) ) but unclassified information will be shared on this page.

This project includes the following:
* Automation of AM Machines
*Data Driven Sampling
*In-Line Property Measurement
**Image Processing
*Bayesian Modeling Techniques

Special thanks to Dr. Jerry Qi for allowing me to utilize his Mechanics of Soft Materials Laboratory facilities


(It could be one line at this moment, but we will need to expand it as project move forward). In intro provide as many as figures, and table as you can. Learn how to add references. and also different sections.

Research workflow

Separate pages for each facet of this project will contain detailed explanations of the approach.

Results and discussion

Coming soon…

Progress Update Material


here provide the repository that your data or codes are stored:


list of all references in this page

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