Autonomous PSP Linkages for Experimental Data

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04 Jun 2018

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In this project, we are planning to integrate different modern analytical tools in one place. These tools are required in establishing processing-structure-property (PSP) linkages in structural materials and need to work in conjunction with ELA platform that is in the development process. In ELA platform, all relevant (meta)data during sample processing, preparation, and testing are automatically captured and stored in a structured format. In this project, we aim to facilitate the process of microstructure quantification analysis and finding its correlation with the measured property in a single toolset. This toolset contains several segmentation techniques, two-point statistics, and regression tools to find PSP linkages on the structured datasets from ELA.


(It could be one line at this moment, but we will need to expand it as project move forward). In intro provide as many as figures, and table as you can. Learn how to add references. and also different sections.
We will build an application that we can automatically establish and update PSP linkages depending on the data we have. It is going to be possible to instantaneously observe the effect of every new data (e.g. image, material property, or process parameter) on the linkage. the user will be able to upload all relevant data and metadata, and the platform will build the desired linkage.

Research workflow

The automated system will have 4 main steps depending on the type of images (RGB, grayscale, binarized).
The system will be based on the presented GUI below:

Tentative Workflow
20180703_134220.jpg 20180703_135953.jpg 20180703_141331.jpg

Powerpoint Presentation
System_Workflow.pptx (109 KB, uploaded by Sezen Yucel 3 years 2 weeks ago)

Results and discussion

This section is a summary of discussion and feedback that you are getting from each sub-wikis, step1 to step3 or more.


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