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    Symposium on Space Innovations 2018

    Where: Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, 84 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

    Georgia Institute of Technology is partnering with industry to host the second annual Symposium on Space Innovations in Atlanta, Georgia, highlighting recent innovations in space science and technologies. Read More

    • Sezen Yucel got accepted into Computational Materials Science Summer School

      MINED group’s Ph.D. student Sezen Yucel got accepted into Summer School On Computational Materials Science Across Scales at Texas A&M University. Read More

      • computational materials science
      • multiscale modeling
      • Summer SChool
      • Research
      • workshop
      • MINED
    • Event
      Data Carpentry Workshop

      Where: Paper Tricentennial Building, 500 10th Street NW, Room 114, Atlanta, GA 30332

      Join the Institute for Materials for our Data Carpentry Workshop and learn the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research. Read More

      • Event
        Workshop on Synchrotron Analytical Methods for the Georgia Tech Community

        Where: Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, Room 323, 84 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

        Join the Institute for Materials for our workshop on synchrotron-enabled analytical methods. Read More

        • Surya Kalidindi selected to join 2018 class of Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows

          Professor Surya Kalidindi, ME, has been selected by the Department of Defense as one of 11 distinguished faculty scientists and engineers to join the 2018 Class of Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows (VBFF). They join a cadre of 45 current Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows, who are sponsored by the DoD to conduct foundational research in core science and ... Read More

          • Computational Science and Engineering
          • Mechanical Engineering
          • Surya Kalidindi
        • Materials Today profiles IMat Executive Director David McDowell

          Structural materials such as cast and wrought metal alloys are commonly selected for applications on the basis of their mechanical and physical properties. In contrast to trial-and-error selection, advances in modeling and simulation over the past quarter of a century have enabled materials scientists and engineers to take a systematic approach to ... Read More

          • Event
            Spring 2018: 2nd Annual IEN Technical Exchange Conference

            Where: Marcus Nanotechnology Building | 345 Ferst Drive | Atlanta GA | 30332

            This 1.5 day event covers topics ranging from materials to architectures for tomorrow’s micro-/nano enabled electronic systems. Read More

            • the Institue for Electronics and Nanotechnology
            • electrical engineering
            • Mechanical Engineering
            • computer engineering
            • integrated circuits
            • bioengineering
            • Semiconductors
            • Poster Session
            • conference
          • Event
            PhD Defense by Wade Lanning

            Where: MRDC 3515

            The Steady-State Work Density Gradient: a New Parameter and Strategies for Characterizing Crack Propagation in Thin Ductile Sheets Read More

            • Phd Defense
          • Event
            Material Science and Engineering Special Seminar

            Where: GTMI/Callaway Building, Auditorium, 813 Ferst Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30332

            Join Materials Science and Engineering for their Special Seminar featuring Dr. Yoshio Bando from the University of Wollongong, Australia Read More

            • Building Better Tools: Francisco Robles Awarded NIH Grant

              There are a number of factors associated with the prolonged survival of patients with brain cancer. One of the most important involves the amount of tumor that is removed during surgery. There is a fine but critical line between just enough and too much – it’s a delicate and complex balancing act. It is brain surgery, after all. Read More

              • go-PetitInstitute
              • Francisco Robles
              • neuro surgery
              • brain surgery
              • brain imaging
              • neurosurgery


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            • Georgia Tech and NextFlex Team-Up to Make the Internet-of-Things More Flexible & Power Efficient

              Georgia Tech and NextFlex – Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute hosted a workshop to explore energy harvesting, energy storage, and power deliver & management approaches for Internet of Things. Read More

              • the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
              • the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
              • The School of Materials Science and Engineering
              • The School of Mechanical Engineering
              • reception and poster session
              • the institute for materials
              • Advanced Manufacturing
              • low-power electronics
              • flexible electronics
              • chemical engineering
              • Power Electronics
              • Nanotechnology
              • bioengineering
              • biosensors
              • NextFlex
              • sensors
              • FHE
            • Event
              PhD Proposal by Jason P Allen

              Where: Love 295

              Modeling the Texture and Property Evolution in Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V and Low Carbon Steel Alloys Read More

              • Phd proposal
            • Georgia Tech Stars in Space Innovation Symposium

              EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was updated on Oct. 18, 2017, to acknowledge the participation of Georgia Tech alumna Janine Captain, Ph.D. in chemisry, 2005. Read More

              • School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
              • School of Biological Sciences
              • College of Sciences
              • space innovation
              • Thomas Orlanda
              • Kennda Lynch
            • Vis 2017: Georgia Tech Visualization Research Expands New Paths to Understanding Data

              Georgia Tech researchers are presenting new techniques and research for information visualization and visual analytics this week, Oct. 1-6, at the IEEE Vis 2017 conference in Phoenix, Ariz. Read More

              • Event
                Converting Materials Science Fiction into Materials Science Fact -- Examples & Challenges

                Where: Marcus Nanotechnology Building Rm. 1116-1118, 345 Ferst Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

                Join us for a Materials Science Fiction workshop as we discuss materials and manufacturing technologies predicated by science fiction. Read More

                • McDowell contributes chapter to book shared at G7 summit

                  The next production revolution will occur because of a confluence of technologies, according to a recent book, “The Next Production Revolution: Implications for Governments and Business.” Read More

                  • Event
                    PhD Defense by Joshua Gomberg

                    Where: MRDC 4404

                    Process-Structure-Property Linkages in Molecular Mechanics Simulations of Grain Boundaries Read More

                    • Phd Defense
                  • RBI announces 2017-18 Graduate Fellowship Awards

                    The Renewable Bioproducts Institute has announced the award of eight new graduate research fellowships of up to four years of funding, beginning with the fall term 2017. Read More

                    • New Projects Create a Foundation for Next-Gen Flexible Electronics

                      Four projects set to move forward at the Georgia Institute of Technology aim to lay the groundwork for manufacturing next-generation flexible electronics, which have the potential to make an impact on industries ranging from health care to defense. Read More

                      • flexible electronics
                      • Suresh Sitaraman
                      • NextFlex
                    • Directors talk collaboration, new challenges

                      In the changing landscape of the 21 st century and the unique grand challenges associated with efficiencies and a move toward more sustainable resources, more is better — more research resources, more diversity in ideas and approaches, more collaboration. Read More

                      • Event
                        Georgia Tech-Oak Ridge National Lab Workshop on Chemical & Nanoscale Imaging

                        Where: Marcus Nanotechnology Building, 345 Ferst Drive, Room 1117-1118, Atlanta GA 30318

                        Join us for a day of collaborative talks and discussion with researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Learn how our research community can benefit from interactions with ORNL’s Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences. Read More

                        • Event
                          Integrated Cancer Research Center Seminar

                          Where: Petit Institute, Room 1128 - Georgia Tech

                          "Novel Technology Development Grants from the National Cancer Institute" - Tony Dickherber, Ph.D. - National Cancer Institute Read More

                          • go-icrc-events
                          • ICRC Seminar
                          • go-icrc
                          • IBB


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                          GT MAP Seminar: Professor David McDowell (ME)

                          Where: The School of Mathematics 686 Cherry St NW, Room 006, Atlanta, GA 30313

                          Join the School of Mathematics as David McDowell and Shuozhi Xu present talks on Multiscale Crystal Plasticity Modeling for Metals and Algorithms and Implementation for the Concurrent Atomistic-Continuum Method. Read More

                          • Punching Cancer With RNA Knuckles

                            In the fight against cancer, doctors dish out combination-blows of surgery, chemotherapy and other drugs to beat back a merciless foe. Now, scientists have taken early steps toward adding a stinging punch to clinicians’ repertoire. Read More

                            • IMat announces 2017 Seed Funding Awards

                              Georgia Tech's Institute for Materials (IMat) recently announced the winners of its 2017 seed funding program intended to foster a materials innovation ecosystem and associated development of competitive cross-cutting externally sponsored research in emerging areas of accelerated materials discovery and development. Read More

                              • seed funding
                              • materials
                              • monies
                              • IMat
                            • Kalidindi Team Receives Materials Science and Engineering Data Challenge Award

                              The top prize was awarded to the team of Joshua Gomberg, Andrew Medford, and Surya Kalidindi from the Georgia Institute of Technology Read More

                              • Event
                                Composite Materials Workshop

                                Where: GTMI, Rom 114

                                The field of composite materials is an inherently interdisciplinary, rich research space with opportunities to produce materials with unique processing-structure-property relationships. The goal of this workshop is to bring together a diverse group of faculty to discuss Georgia Tech's key strengths in the area of composite materials in terms of research ... Read More

                                • _for_math_site_
                              • Event
                                PhD Proposal by Alicia Rossi

                                Where: Love 109

                                Development of Data-Driven Structure-Property Linkages in Fiber-Reinforced Composites Read More

                                • Phd proposal
                              • McDowell awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

                                Dr. David L. McDowell was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award, on behalf of the Scientific Committee of Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials. The announcement was made at the International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials XI , Hyannis, Mass., Sept. 20. Read More

                                • Cyber Forged

                                  Traditionally, materials have been developed slowly, by trial and error. Today, 21st century computational techniques, in tandem with cutting-edge experimentation capabilities, allow materials scientists and engineers to work at the atomic scale to design novel materials with increasing speed and effectiveness. Read More

                                  • Event
                                    Research Challenges in Materials Informatics: A View from Georgia Tech

                                    Where: Global Learning Center

                                    This workshop is to identify a small number of challenge problems where large impacts can be achieved through advances in computing (big data, parallel computing, etc.). Read More

                                    • IDEAS:MD3 launch set for Aug. 26

                                      Georgia Tech's Institute for Materials (IMat) has announced the official launch event of an unique Georgia Tech initiative to build IDEAS:MD3 , a unique industry-national laboratory. Activities will be held Friday, Aug. 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Global Learning Center. Breakfast will be offered from 8 to 9 a.m. Room locations TBD. Read More

                                      • data science
                                      • materials
                                      • ideas
                                    • MGI: The First 5 Years

                                      In recognition of the fifth anniversary of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI), the White House brought together about 70 leaders from academia, industry and federal agencies to discuss progress and accomplishments of the MGI, and featured a federal perspective on the initiative delivered by a panel of federal agency administrators. Read More

                                      • IMat Year in Review 2015-16

                                        As another academic year came to a close in June, the Institute for Materials compiled a list of highlights to be included in President Bud Peterson’s annual Institute Address. Georgia Tech’s materials community, led by IMat-affiliated faculty, made a significant impact this year in addressing a wide range of materials-related challenges and opportunities. Read More

                                        • 2 new MOOCs focus on Materials

                                          Two new courses have been added to the portfolio of massive open online courses ( MOOC) offered by Georgia Tech and are focusing on materials. Read More

                                          • Event
                                            Save the Date! Launch of the IDEAS for Materials Design, Development & Deployment

                                            Where: Atlanta, GA

                                            The Georgia Tech Institute for Materials (IMat) invites you to save the date of Friday August 26th for the formal launch of a unique Georgia Tech initiative to build a natural lab-industry consortium known as IDEAS:MD3. Directed by Professor Surya Kalidindi at Georgia Tech, the purpose of IDEAS:MD3 is to promote and conduct research, development, and ... Read More

                                            • 2 GT teams awarded Materials Genome Initiative prizes

                                              Two teams working with the guidance of Professor Surya Kalidindi, MGI Strategist for Georgia Tech’s Institute for Materials, have been awarded Materials Genome Initiative prizes in the national Materials Science and Engineering Data Challenge sponsored by the Air Force Research Lab in partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology ... Read More

                                              • McDowell, Kalidindi featured in MRS

                                                David L. McDowell and Surya R. Kalidindi were featured in the April Materials Research Society Bulletin with their article entitled, “The Materials Innovation Ecosystem: A Key Enabler for the Materials Genome Initiative.” Read More

                                                • Building an emergent materials informatics community at GT

                                                  MSE Professor Surya Kalidindi has a dream – to build an emergent materials informatics community at GT as a national model. Working towards this goal, he thought that a series of hackathon type of events (now referred to as data challenges) might be beneficial for building a strong materials informatics community around existing pools of material ... Read More

                                                  • Jerry Nunn awarded GT's 'Building Manager of the Year'

                                                    Jerry Nunn was named the recipient of Georgia Tech's 2016 Building Manager of the Year in a ceremony held recently during the Georgia Tech Building Managers Symposium. Read More

                                                    • manager of the year award
                                                    • jerry nunn
                                                    • RBI
                                                  • Event
                                                    Ph.D. Dissertation Defense - Xin Li

                                                    Where: Pink Room, GTL/Room 1212, Klaus

                                                    Title : BAlGaN-based Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Lasers Operating in Deep UV Region Read More

                                                    • graduate students
                                                    • Phd Defense
                                                  • Event
                                                    PhD Defense by Nathan Evans

                                                    Where: Room 114, Callaway Manufacturing Research Building

                                                    Processing-Structure-Property Relationships of Surface Porous Polymers for Orthopaedic Applications Read More

                                                    • Phd Defense
                                                  • Event
                                                    Ready to host webinar

                                                    Where: Atlanta, GA

                                                    Deputy Director of IMat's Innovation Initiatives W. Jud Ready will host a webinar entitled, "Materials and Engineering: Propelling Innovation," March 2 from 12 to 1:30 p.m. Read More

                                                    • engineering
                                                    • Jud Ready
                                                    • materials
                                                    • webinar
                                                  • AE Alumnus Thomas Christian Talk with GT on Future Projects

                                                    Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering alumnus Dr. Thomas Christian was on campus April 20-21 to speak with faculty about identifying opportunities for future scientific collaborations. Read More

                                                    • Thomas Christian
                                                    • alumni
                                                    • AFOSR
                                                    • GT-AE
                                                  • Event
                                                    Data & Materials Chalk-Talk: Structure Property Linkages in Fiber Composites - Speaker: Alicia Rossi

                                                    Where: Klaus 1116 East

                                                    Data & Materials Chalk-Talk: Structure Property Linkages in Fiber Composites - Speaker: Alicia Rossi Read More

                                                    • Data & Materials Chalk-Talk
                                                    • College of Computing
                                                    • Alicia Rossi
                                                    • Georgia Tech
                                                    • FLAMEL
                                                  • Event
                                                    Data & Materials Chalk & Talk Seminar Series - Speaker: Perry Ellis, First year Trainee

                                                    Where: Klaus Classroom 2447 , Atlanta, GA

                                                    This bi-weekly chalk & talk series, brought to you by the FLAMEL Traineeship Program , focuses on topics in the areas of data and materials. Read More

                                                    • FLAMEL Traineeship Program
                                                    • Richard Fujimoto
                                                    • brown bag
                                                    • computing
                                                    • materials
                                                    • NSF IGERT
                                                    • big data
                                                    • seminar
                                                    • FLAMEL
                                                    • IGERT
                                                    • data


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                                                  • Leaders in Functional Nanomaterials Manufacturing Target Southeast for Economic Growth

                                                    Top industry, academic, and government representatives from Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas convened for a 1-day executive roundtable discussion on November 6, 2015 in the Marcus Nanotechnology Building on the campus of the Georgia Tech. Read More

                                                    • Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
                                                    • regional economic development
                                                    • nanomanufacturing
                                                    • Baratunde Cola
                                                    • Michael Filler
                                                    • Nanotechnology
                                                    • nanomaterials
                                                    • Oliver Brand
                                                    • eric vogel
                                                  • FLAMEL Trainee manuscript published by 'Scientific Reports'

                                                    Jason Allen, a MSE PhD student advised by Professors Garmestani and Fujimoto, recently received notification his manuscript, entitled “In situ X-ray nanotomography of metal surfaces during electropolishing," has been accepted for publication in Scientific Reports , an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature . Read More

                                                    • FLAMEL Traineeship Program
                                                    • Richard Fujimoto
                                                    • Surya Kalidindi
                                                    • computing
                                                    • materials
                                                    • NSF IGERT
                                                    • big data
                                                    • FLAMEL
                                                    • IGERT
                                                    • data
                                                    • NSF
                                                  • Event
                                                    Sandia National Labs-GT Academic Alliance Workshop Announced

                                                    Where: Atlanta, GA

                                                    The first workshop to explore the Materials collaboration component of the Sandia National Labs-Georgia Tech Academic Alliance will be hosted by Georgia Tech, December 9-10. The event is supported by the Institute for Materials. Read More

                                                    • Materials-Sandia Lab
                                                    • Multiscale materials
                                                    • high throughput
                                                    • data science
                                                    • corrosion
                                                  • IMat, MSE welcome two new faculty members

                                                    Georgia Tech's Institute for Materials and the School of Materials Science & Engineering are pleased to welcome two new members of the materials community. Read More

                                                    • engineering
                                                    • materials
                                                    • mcdowell
                                                    • faculty
                                                    • Kacher
                                                  • Event
                                                    IMat Student Advisory Council to host ice cream social


                                                    The Student Advisory Council of the Institute for Materials will host an ice cream social in order to introduce more students to the work of the Institute on behalf of students in various areas of materials science. Read More

                                                    • student advisory council
                                                    • materials
                                                    • IMat
                                                  • Event
                                                    A multi-scale strategy for modeling of directionally solidified ni-base superalloys

                                                    Where: Paper Tricentennial Building, Room 114

                                                    French engineer and researcher Georges Cailletaud will be featured as part of the Innovation Lecture Series, sponsored by the Institute for Materials. Cailletaud’s presentation, “A multi-scale strategy for the modeling of directionally solidified ni-base superalloys,” will take place Oct. 19 at 11 a.m. at the Paper Tricentennial Building, Room 114. Read More

                                                    • superalloys
                                                    • materials
                                                    • modeling
                                                    • ni-base
                                                  • Event
                                                    The Future of Manufacturing

                                                    Where: Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, 813 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA

                                                    Organized by Georgia Tech (GT) and Arts et Métiers ParisTech (AMP), this two-day workshop will enable manufacturing experts to share their experiences in research, development, innovation, commercialization, and education in the domain of advanced manufacturing. Identifying key questions and leveraging mutual strengths are expected, to create new ... Read More

                                                    • Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI); Ben Wang; MaRC; ISyE; Manufacturing; Economic Development
                                                  • Event
                                                    PhD Defense by William Daloz

                                                    Where: MRDC 3515 (Hightower Conference Room)

                                                    Developing a High Temperature Oxidation Resistant Mo-Si02 Composite Alloy Read More

                                                    • Phd Defense
                                                  • Event
                                                    PhD Defense by Peter Marshall

                                                    Where: MRDC 3515 (Hightower)

                                                    Development of Oxidation Resistant Molybdenum-Silicon-Boron Composites Read More

                                                    • Phd Defense
                                                  • Talking about Research: Faculty Share How and Why They Do It

                                                    Researchers spend a significant portion of their lives becoming experts in their field. As a result, many of them welcome the opportunity to speak to fellow researchers at workshops and conferences. But when it comes to speaking to lay audiences — particularly the popular press — many researchers put on the brakes because they are afraid of being ... Read More

                                                    • media training
                                                    • journalists
                                                    • reporters
                                                    • Research
                                                    • faculty
                                                    • Media
                                                    • staff
                                                  • Event
                                                    FLAMEL Chalk and Talk

                                                    Where: Klaus 1116

                                                    This bi-weekly chalk & talk series, brought to you by the FLAMEL Traineeship Program, focuses on topics in the areas of data and materials. Read More

                                                    • Kalidindi's new book spotlights use of modern data analytic tools on microstructure datasets

                                                      Custom design, manufacture, and deployment of new high performance materials for advanced technologies is critically dependent on the availability of invertible, high fidelity, structure-property-processing (SPP) linkages, according to a new book authored by Surya Kalidindi, head of MGI Strategies and Innovation Support Team member at Georgia Tech’s ... Read More

                                                      • computational modeling
                                                      • Materials Engineering
                                                      • Surya Kalidindi
                                                      • microstructure
                                                      • datasets
                                                      • data
                                                      • IMat
                                                      • SPP
                                                    • Event
                                                      FLAMEL Advisory Board Review

                                                      Where: Klaus Building, Room 1123, Atlanta, GA

                                                      The FLAMEL program is hosting members of our advisory board for a one-day panel review of our program. The goal of this meeting is to solicit feedback from our board members. The event will begin at 8:30am with a continental breakfast, followed by several topics, including a student poster session and faculty roundtable. Read More

                                                      • FLAMEL Traineeship Program
                                                      • Richard Fujimoto
                                                      • brown bag
                                                      • computing
                                                      • materials
                                                      • NSF IGERT
                                                      • big data
                                                      • seminar
                                                      • FLAMEL
                                                      • IGERT
                                                      • data


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                                                    • Eric Vogel Appointed Deputy Direct of the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology

                                                      Eric Vogel has been appointed Deputy Director of the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) and Associate Director of Shared Resources for the Institute for Materials (IMat). Read More

                                                      • Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
                                                      • School of Materials Science & Engineering
                                                      • Materials Characterization Facility
                                                      • Institute for Materials
                                                      • eric vogel
                                                    • Researchers Convert Basic Discoveries in Materials Science and Engineering to Real-World Applications

                                                      Today researchers Today they examine materials at every level – from the nanoscale to the visible and tangible macroscale – to understand why a material behaves as it does. Read More

                                                      • Winter-Spring 2014 Issue
                                                    • Event
                                                      FLAMEL Workshop

                                                      Where: TSRB Auditorium

                                                      Georgia Tech's FLAMEL program , an NSF IGERT, holds an annual workshop to bring together faculty and students interested in research at the intersection of materials design and manufacturing and the intersection of computation and mathematics, especially in the area of materials informatics. Read More

                                                      • FLAMEL Traineeship Program
                                                      • materials
                                                      • big data
                                                    • Georgia Tech’s National Nanotechnology Network’s (NNIN) International Research Experience for Graduate Students (iREG)

                                                      This summer, Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) is hosting three Japanese graduate students as part of the GT-NNIN Education and Outreach program. Read More

                                                      • International Research Experience for Graduate Student
                                                      • National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network
                                                      • Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
                                                      • piezoelectric MEMS
                                                      • Antonia Antoniou
                                                      • Baratunde Cola
                                                      • energy storage
                                                      • Nanotechnology
                                                      • Farrokh Ayazi
                                                      • nanomaterials
                                                    • New Facility Created to Scale-up Organic Electronic and Active Materials

                                                      Georgia Tech-COPE has established a new facility dedicated to the synthesis of organic molecular and polymeric electronic and active materials on scales that allow scientists and engineers to conduct system-level studies to better evaluate their Read More

                                                      • center for organic photonics and electronics
                                                      • organic materials
                                                      • active materials
                                                      • photovoltaics
                                                      • Kippelen
                                                      • Research
                                                      • reynolds
                                                      • Marder
                                                      • COPE
                                                      • oled
                                                    • Event
                                                      “One Georgia Tech” Flexible Manufacturing Workshop

                                                      Where: GTRI Food Processing Technology Building Auditorium

                                                      The “One Georgia Tech” Flexible Manufacturing Workshop brings together researchers with interests at the intersection of robotics, materials, and manufacturing to explore new research collaborations and seek funding that is larger than the grants a small group of researchers can win alone. Read More

                                                      • Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM)
                                                      • “One Georgia Tech” Flexible Manufacturing Workshop
                                                      • Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs)
                                                      • Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI)
                                                      • Institute for Materials (IMat)
                                                      • flexible manufacturing
                                                    • Event
                                                      Disruptive Innovation and the Future of the Aluminum Industry

                                                      Where: Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex (MDRC) Bldg., Rm 4211

                                                      The lecture will address current trends in the manufacturing industry, sustainability challenges and opportunities, and new innovations that are helping to address social, economic and environmental challenges. Read More

                                                      • materials science
                                                      • materials design
                                                      • manufacturing
                                                      • Supply Chain
                                                      • engineering
                                                    • Event
                                                      Big Data Chalk & Talk/Brown Bag

                                                      Where: MiRC 102 A&B

                                                      Four Georgia Tech research hubs have launched a new “chalk & talk” brown bag lunch series on Big Data. The weekly series, sponsored jointly by the Institute for Data & High Performance Computing (IDH), Institute for Materials (IMaT) , Center for Data Analytics (CDA) and Center for High Performance Computing (HPC) will be held on most Thursdays during the ... Read More

                                                      • Institute for Data & High Performance Computing
                                                      • FLAMEL Traineeship Program
                                                      • Big Data; materials; HPC
                                                      • IDH
                                                    • Event
                                                      Institute for Materials: Meeting the Materials Genome Initiative

                                                      Where: Technology Square Research Building

                                                      Researchers will present on collaborations in four topics: computing and electronics, transportation, mobility and infrastructure, medicine and health, and energy generation, storage, and sustainability. Read More

                                                      • and infrastructure; medicine and health; energy generation
                                                      • Materials Genome Initiative
                                                      • Computing and Electronics
                                                      • advanced materials
                                                      • and sustainability
                                                      • Transportation
                                                      • mobility
                                                      • storage
                                                    • Event
                                                      Petit Institute Seminar

                                                      Where: Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering & Bioscience, Room 1128

                                                      The Petit Institute hosts special guests and visitors throughout the year. These seminars are open to all faculty and students. Read More

                                                      • IBB Seminar
                                                      • IBB
                                                    • Autodesk supported team takes prize at Fall 2013 Captstone Design Expo

                                                      Autodesk supports "The Stringineers," a team of six Georgia Tech students, and their winning mechanical engineering project at the fall Capstone Design Expo. Read More


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                                                      • Event
                                                        MSE Seminar - Dr. David Furrer

                                                        Where: MaRC Auditorium

                                                        Dr. David Furrer , Pratt & Whitney, “Materials and Modeling within the Aircraft Turbine Engine Industry,” Host: David McDowell Read More

                                                        • MSE
                                                      • Harvesting Electricity: Triboelectric Generators Capture Wasted Power

                                                        With one stomp of his foot, Zhong Lin Wang illuminates a thousand LED bulbs – with no batteries or power cord. The current comes from essentially the same source as that tiny spark that jumps from a fingertip to a doorknob when you walk across carpet on a cold, dry day. Wang and his research team have learned to harvest this power and put it to work. Read More

                                                        • Materails Science and Engineering
                                                        • triboelectrification
                                                        • power generation
                                                        • Zhong Lin Wang
                                                        • triboelectric
                                                        • electricity
                                                        • Green Buzz
                                                        • power


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                                                      • Strategic Plan Steering Committee Forms

                                                        To guide the institutional efforts going forward, a newly formed Strategic Plan Implementation Steering Committee has been charged with overseeing the implementation of the current plan-related projects, such as those mentioned above, as well as futu Read More

                                                        • Strategic Plan Implementation Steering Committee
                                                        • strategic plan
                                                        • rafael bras
                                                        • Steve Cross
                                                        • Steve Swant