Alicia Rossi


Alicia Rossi's background is in polymeric materials. Her undergraduate degree is in Polymer and Fiber Engineering from Georgia Tech. Her research focuses on investigating the local mechanical properties of polymer-fiber composite systems for the creation of structure-property linkages. Of particular interest are the interphases between the materials in the composite. Using a combination of imaging techniques and nanoindentation, she is investigating correlations between variation in the material and variations in mechanical properties. Also of interest are the scaling relationships across different length scales.

Alicia Rossi

Alicia Rossi is a PhD student in Material Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Polymer and Fiber Engineering in 2012. She was a trainee in the NSF IGERT program FLAMEL.

Research Interests

  1. Mechanics of Polymeric Materials
  2. Structure-Property linkages of fiber composites



  1. Mechanical Characterization
  2. Instrumented Nano-indentation Testing
  3. Structure-Property linkages
    1. Property and Structure characterization in Polypropylene/Glass Fiber composites
    2. Comparision of indentation and tensile properties of Polypropylene/CNT composites

Current Organization

Currently Unknown