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Ali Khosravani

Ali is a PhD student in Mechanical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. He earned two masters degrees, one in mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University in 2012 and another one in materials science at Sharif University of Technology in 2008. He accomplished three internships in General Motors R&D in 2011, 2012, and 2013. In addition, he is one of the two managers of MINED's experimental labs: MMCL (Mesoscale Microstructure Characterization lab) and TMMPL (Thermo-Mechanical Materials Processing Lab).

Research Interests

  1. Mechanics of Materials
  2. Integrating High Throughput Mechanical Testing and Microstructure Characterization Techniques
  3. Light Weight Metals, Magnesium alloy


  1. Multiscale Mechanical testing: Nano, Micro and In-situ Indentation
  2. Material Processing
  3. Electron Microscopy
  4. Microstructure Analysis
  5. Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) and Texture Analysis

Current Projects

  1. Length Scale Effects in Pure Magnesium Using Spherical Indentation Stress-Strain Analysis
  2. High Throughput Exploration of Process-Structure-Property Linkages in Dual Phase Steel
  3. Integrating Nanoindentation , EBSD and DIC (Digital Image correlation) Techniques in Exploring Localized Plastic Deformation.

Recent Publications

  1. Ali Khosravani, Surya Kalidindi, "High Throughput Exploration of Process-Structure-Property Linkages in Dual Phase Steel", ICME 2015, June 2015.
  2. A. Khosravani, J.S. Weaver, S.R. Kalidindi, "Novel Experimental Protocols for High Throughput Exploration of Structure-Processing-Property Relationships in Structural Metal Alloys Using a Combination of Indentation, Microscopy, and Finite Element Modeling Techniques." TMS 2015. March 2015.
  3. A. Khosravani, J.S. Weaver, S.R. Kalidindi. "Advances in Nanoindentation-EBSD Methodologies." Microanalysis Society: EBSD 2014. June 2014.

Recent Awards

  1. Best poster award, first place. MGI (Materials Genome Initiative) southeastern USA regional workshop, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014
  2. Honorable mention award, "A Collaborative Approach to Meeting the Materials Genome Initiative" symposium, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014