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Dipen K. Patel

Dipen Patel is currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Physics at University of Sciences in Philadelphia. Patel has been doing research in the field of computational mechanics and materials quantification methods. He is also interested in statistical modelling centered on the materials knowledge system that provides structure-property linkages.

Research Interests

  1. Computational Mechanics
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Microstructure Representation/Quantification

Research Skills

Work Environment:

MATLAB, Python, MAPLE, FEA Software (ABAQUS), Solidworks

Areas of Experience:

Crystal Plasticity, Spatial Correlations , Machine Learning, Modelling and Simulation, Mathematical Methods

Current Projects

  1. Extracting crystal level plastic properties using indentation simulations
  2. Data mining approach to crystal plasticity database using efficent basis functions
  3. Characterization of layered materials

Recent Publications

  1. Yuksel C. Yabansu, Dipen K. Patel, Surya R. Kalidindi. Calibrated localization relationships for elastic response of polycrystalline aggregates, Acta Materialia, Volume 81, December 2014, Pages 151-160
  2. Dipen K. Patel, Hamad F. Al-Harbi, Surya R. Kalidindi. Extracting single-crystal elastic constants from polycrystalline samples using spherical nanoindentation and orientation measurements, Acta Materialia, Volume 79, 15 October 2014, Pages 108-116
  3. Y.H. Sha, C. Sun, F. Zhang, D. Patel, X. Chen, S.R. Kalidindi, L. Zuo. Strong cube recrystallization texture in silicon steel by twin-roll casting process, Acta Materialia, Volume 76, 1 September 2014, Pages 106-117