Ensemble of 3-D 2-phase microstructures generated in Dream.3D

By Marat I. Latypov1, Surya R. Kalidindi2

1. Georgia Tech Lorraine 2. Georgia Institute of Technology

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The ensemble contains 4 classes*:

- microstructures with equiaxed features, volume fraction [5, 95]

- matrix/spherical inclusions [5, 35] & [65, 95]

- matrix/disk inclusions [5, 35] & [65, 95]

- matrix/needle inclusions [5, 35] & [65, 95]

* both classes and volume fractions represent targeted microstructures, though microstructures might deviate from these targets due to the nature of Dream.3D algorithm.

The microstructures are saved as vtk format, which can be easily visualized in ParaView and/or parsed for further analysis (e.g. FE simulations)

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