MATIN Platform Video Tutorial Series

By Aleksandr Blekh1, Surya R. Kalidindi2

1. Georgia Institute of Technology 2. Georgia Tech

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This series contains video tutorials for both introductory and advanced aspects of the MATIN platform. Each video is produced as a combination of time-synchronized screencast and narrated voice commentary. For the whole series, the following video tutorials are planned (as new tutorials are produced, they will be added to the series).

  • Video 1. MATIN: Overview of the Platform
  • Video 2. MATIN: User Onboarding: Registering and Logging In
  • Video 3. MATIN: User Onboarding: Initial Setup
  • Video 4. MATIN: User Onboarding: Website Structure and Navigation
  • Video 5. MATIN: User Onboarding: Getting Help and Support
  • Video 6. MATIN: Core Functionality: Projects
  • Video 7. MATIN: Core Functionality: Groups
  • Video 8. MATIN: Core Functionality: Resources
  • Video 9. MATIN: Core Functionality: Questions & Answers and Discussion Forums
  • Video 10. MATIN: Core Functionality: Wiki Pages
  • Video 11. MATIN: Core Functionality: Member Directory
  • Video 12. MATIN: Core Functionality: Career Opportunities (Job Market)
  • Video 13. MATIN: Core Functionality: Event Calendars
  • Video 14. MATIN: Core Functionality: Search and Tags
  • Video 15. MATIN: Advanced Functionality: Publications
  • Video 16. MATIN: Advanced Functionality: Simulation/Modeling Tools


Aleksandr L. Blekh, Surya R. Kalidindi. (2019). MATIN Platform Video Tutorial Series. Georgia Institute of Technology.

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In This Series

  1. MATIN: User Onboarding: Registering and Logging In

    31 Jul 2019 | Tutorials | Contributor(s): Aleksandr Blekh, Surya R. Kalidindi

    This tutorial video describes the process of registering on MATIN platform and logging in (authenticating).