Integration of Optoelectronics Interconnects on Glass Interposers for High Speed Communications

By Zhang, Rui

Georgia Institute of Technology

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Advisors: Rao R. Tummala, Gee-Kung Chang, Muhannad S. Bakir, Eric M. Vogel, Mohanalingam Kathaperumal

The development and application of artificial intelligence and augmented reality as well as billions of new devices connected to the network have resulted in unprecedented demands on high computing power and high speed communications. The focus has shifted from Moore's law on the transistor density of semiconductor chips to post-Moore's-law on the interconnect density of packages to continue improving the computing power and data rates. As the demand for data rates increases, electronic interconnects are limited to short-distance chip-to-chip communications by signal integrity issues at high frequency, which sheds a light on bringing optical interconnects onto the package for on-package long-distance communications. To address these challenges, this thesis focuses on integrating high-density electronic interconnects and low loss optical interconnects as well as fiber integration on glass interposers for high speed communications.

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