Experimental Investigation of Microstructure and Properties in Structural Alloys Through Image Analyses and Multiresolution Indentation

By Iskakov, Almambet

Georgia Institute of Technology

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Advisors: Surya R Kalidindi, David L McDowell, Hamid Garmestani, Richard W Neu, Sudhir Rajagopalan

This work addresses the challenges in the investigation of structural alloy microstructures and their mechanical properties at multiple length scales. The investigations are performed on small volume ferrite-pearlite steel samples that were excised from in-service gas turbine components after prolonged exposure (up to 99,000 hours) to elevated temperatures, which promotes microstructural changes (spheroidization of pearlite and graphitization) as well as their yield strengths. Recent advances in spherical indentation protocols are combined for the first time to investigate the mechanical response of microscale ferrite-pearlite constituents and estimates of bulk properties on macroscale. It is shown that indentation yield strength captured with large indenter tips on an ensemble of ferrite-pearlite grains correlate strongly to the bulk yield strength evaluated with tensile measurements. Measurements on the individual ferrite and pearlite constituents follow a similar trend of decreasing yield strength as the bulk measurements. Second, to advance the reliability and accuracy of microstructure characterization, an image segmentation framework is developed that consists of five main steps designed to achieve systematic image segmentation on broad classes of microstructures utilizing widely available image processing tools. The flexibility and modularity of the framework was demonstrated on various types of microstructures images. The developed framework was used to segment the microstructures of ferrite-pearlite samples. The extracted microstructure statistics from the segmented images and multiresolution indentation yield strength measurements were used to evaluate established composite theory estimates and have demonstrated highly consistent estimates for these material systems.

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