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  1. Steven Koskey


  2. MINED method for image acquisition and processing on experimental datasets.

    Collections | 02 Feb 2018 | Posted by Almambet Iskakov


  3. Natalia Millan-Espitia


  4. Towards a Taxonomy of Materials Science Imaging Challenges and Opportunities

    08 May 2017 | Contributor(s):: Robert Pienta

    This work investigates common imaging challenges faced by materials science practitioners. We investigate challenges from crowd-sourced images and investigate canonical and effective solutions to a number of common challenges we found.The work investigates:Contrast enhancementNoise reductionImage...

  5. Overlay Segmented Image Over Raw Image

    31 Mar 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Almambet Iskakov

    Simple productivity MATLAB script to visually compare segmented and raw images. This can be used to track regions where segmentation was not performed as desired.

  6. Almambet Iskakov

    Almambet is in his third year in the MINED group after obtaining his BS in Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland, College Park. His research is focused on developing...