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  1. Applications of Piezotronics and Piezo-Phototronics

    21 Aug 2019 | Contributor(s):: Zou, Haiyang

    Advisors: Zhong Lin Wang, Mostafa El-Sayed, Meilin Liu, Naresh Thadhani, Zhiqun LinThird-generation semiconductor materials have superior performance with high voltage resistance, high frequency, high efficiency, high-temperature resistance and high radiation resistance, that they look to be the...

  2. Packaging Designs for Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes

    13 Aug 2012 | Contributor(s):: Habtemichael, Yishak Tekleab

    Advisors: Samuel Graham, Peter J. Hesketh, Satish KumarAluminum Gallium Nitride (AlGaN) / Gallium Nitride (GaN) based deep ultraviolet (DUV) light emitting didoes (LEDs) with emission wavelengths between 200-280 nm enable key emerging technologies such as water/air purification and sterilization,...