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  1. Andrew Marshall


  2. Michael DeFranks

    Leading the creation of Smart technology and integrated sleep technology platforms with keen focus on next generation materials and functional component design.


  3. Nils Persson

    Nils E. Persson was born in Edina, Minnesota and grew up in nearby Minnetonka before moving to Minneapolis to pursue his B.S.E. in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota. He is...


  4. Andrew R Castillo


  5. Almambet Iskakov

    Almambet is in his third year in the MINED group after obtaining his BS in Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland, College Park. His research is focused on developing...


  6. Noah H. Paulson

    Noah Paulson is a 4th year PhD student at Georgia Tech developing computationally efficient protocols for the prediction of properties in polycrystalline materials. Noah grew up in Lexington,...