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  1. The Impact and Role of Synthetic Chemistry in Organic Conjugated Materials Science

    21 Aug 2019 | Contributor(s):: Wolfe, Rylan Michael Webster

    Advisors: John R Reynolds, Shannon K Yee, Seth R Marder, Stefan A France, Carlos A SilvaThis dissertation covers broad aspects of synthetic chemistry in organic electronics, from novel molecules to known polymers, from photovoltaics to thermoelectrics, from doped "3D" molecules to doping in...

  2. Materials and Methods for Atomistic Characterization of Emergent Nanoporous Adsorbents

    22 Aug 2016 | Contributor(s):: Camp, Jeffrey S.

    Advisors: David S. Sholl, Krista S. Walton, Rigoberto Hernandez, Sankar Nair, Ryan P. LivelyMetal organic frameworks (MOFs) are an emerging class of nanoporous materials that have shown promise in applications including gas storage, separations, and catalysis. The complexity and diversity of MOF...

  3. Rational Design and Synthesis of Functional Polymers With Complex Architectures by Living/Controlled Polymerization

    08 Jun 2015 | Contributor(s):: Feng, Chaowei

    Advisors: Zhiqun Lin, Zhiquin Lin, John R. Reynolds, Anselm C. Griffin, Seth Marder, Vladimir V. TsukrukSignificant progress has been made in the field of living/controlled polymerizations over the past decades. The advance in living/controlled polymerizations has enabled the design and tailoring...