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  1. 2-Phase Composite Damage Initiation Sensitivity Dataset

    09 Nov 2017 | Contributor(s):: David Montes de Oca Zapiain, Evdokia Popova, Hojun Lim, Fadi Abdeljawad, Surya R. Kalidindi

    Summary:The enclosed contribution contains the data employed to establish a reduce order model between salient features of the microstructure of a 2-phase composite and their sensitivity to damage initiation. The reduced-order model was established using an enhanced MKS framework that...

  2. Classes for Calibration Set

    The first step in every data driven model consists in clearly determining the state space from which the calibration set, used to obtain the PCA weights, is going to be obtained. Also the...


  3. Xinyi Gong

    Xinyi GongXinyi Gong is currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. He earned a bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering at...