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  1. Investigation of Process-Structure Relationship for Additive Manufacturing With Multiphysics Simulation and Physics-Constrained Machine Learning

    15 Sep 2021 | Contributor(s):: Liu, Dehao

    Advisors: Yan Wang, David L. McDowell, Shreyes N. Melkote, Tuo Zhao, Sudarsanam Suresh BabuMetal additive manufacturing (AM) is a group of processes by which metal parts are built layer by layer from powder or wire feedstock with high-energy laser or electron beams. The most well-known metal AM...

  2. Simulation Based Design of Lithium Ion Battery Configuration Using Bayesian Optimization

    20 Aug 2018 | Contributor(s):: Yoo, Dong Yeon

    Advisors: Yan Wang, Hailong Chen, Seung Woo LeeThe performance of a lithium ion battery is determined not only by materials of the electrode and electrolyte, but also by geometry and topology of the battery cell structure. Each individual component of the battery can be specified with certain...