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  1. Mechanics of Deformation and Failure in Rechargeable Battery Materials

    22 Jan 2018 | Contributor(s):: Wang, Xueju

    Advisors: Shuman Xia, Min Zhou, Ting Zhu, Gleb Yushin, Hailong Chen, David McDowellRechargeable batteries are the current dominant energy storage solution for portable electronics, electric vehicles and stationary power management. In the development of next-generation rechargeable batteries, the...

  2. Spherical Indentation Stress-Strain Analysis

    14 Mar 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Jordan Weaver, Surya R. Kalidindi

    Codes for the analysis of load displacement data from spherical indentation to produce stress-strain curve. Source code repository on GitHub: https://github.com/jsweaver/Spin References (1) Kalidindi and Pathak. (2008) Acta Materialia. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.actamat.2008.03.036 (2)...

  3. Hierarchical and High Throughput Mechanical Characterization of Titanium Alloys Using Spherical Indentation Stress-Strain Curves

    07 Jan 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Weaver, Jordan S.

    Advisors: Surya R. Kalidindi, Hamid Garmestani, Olivier Pierron, David L. McDowell, Richard W. Neu, Ulrike G. K. WegstRecent work has shown the capability of spherical nanoindentation to capture local structure-property relationships in polycrystalline cubic metals by measuring indentation...

  4. Spherical Nanoindentation Protocols for Extracting Microscale Mechanical Properties in Viscoelastic Materials

    07 Jan 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Abba, Mohammed Tahir

    Advisors: Surya R. Kalidindi, Min Zhou, Ken Gall, Ulrike G. K. Wegst, Karl I. JacobNanoindentation has a high load resolution, depth sensing capabilities, and can be used to characterize the local mechanical behavior in material systems with heterogeneous microstructures. Recently nanoindentation...

  5. Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Hierarchical Nanoporous Metals

    21 Sep 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Liu, Ran

    Advisors: Antonia Antoniou, David L. McDowell, Nathan Mara, Olivier Pierron, Bruno FrazierNanoporous (NP) metals are a unique class of materials that are characterized by extremely high surface-to-volume ratios and possess such desirable properties of metals as high electrical conductivity,...

  6. Stored Energy Maps in Deformed Metals Using Spherical Nanoindentation

    22 May 2014 | | Contributor(s):: Vachhani, Shraddha J.

    Advisors: Surya R. Kalidindi, Richard Neu, Antonia Antoniou, Hamid Garmestani, Roger D. DohertyMicrostructure changes that occur during the deformation and heat treatments involved in wrought processing of metals are of central importance in achieving the desired properties or performance...