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  1. Copper-Based Nanocrystals and Their Use as Catalysts for the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

    11 Jan 2021 | Contributor(s):: Lyu, Zhiheng

    Advisors: Younan Xia, John Zhang, Angus P. Wilkinson, Henry S. La Pierre, Zhiqun LinBenefiting from the high abundance, low price, and fascinating properties of copper (Cu), Cu and Cu-based nanocrystals have found wide-spread use in many applications. In recent years, they received increasing...

  2. Nucleation, Growth, and Etching of Noble-Metal Nanocrystals

    17 Aug 2017 | Contributor(s):: Ruditskiy, Aleksey

    Advisors: Angus P. Wilkinson, Joseph Sadighi, Z. John Zhang, Michael FillerColloidal noble-metal nanocrystals have tremendous potential in applications ranging from medicine to sensing to catalysis. The ultimate utility of these nanomaterials relies on our ability to precisely control their size,...