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  1. From computational discovery to experimental characterization of a high hole mobility organic crystal

    Collections | 27 Apr 2017 | Posted by Aleksandr Blekh


  2. New feature on MATIN: Transparent authentication for JupyterHub

    07 Oct 2016 | Posted by Aleksandr Blekh

    Coming on the heels of the yesterday's announcement of adding MATLAB support to MATIN JupyterHub instance, I'm happy to announce that MATIN Development Team has implemented another new...


  3. New feature on MATIN: MATLAB notebooks

    06 Oct 2016 | Posted by Aleksandr Blekh

    I'm happy to announce that MATIN Development Team has integrated MATLAB environment with MATIN platform (all MATLAB packages available through GT-wide licensing are available on MATIN as well)....


  4. Towards a portable open-source tomography toolbox: Containerizing tomography software with docker

    Collections | 02 Sep 2016 | Posted by Aleksandr Blekh


  5. Aleksandr Blekh

    Aleksandr L. Blekh currently serves as Technical Analyst II with Institute for Materials (previously: Research Scientist II in the MINED research group) at Georgia Tech.He holds Ph.D. in...