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  1. Mar 15 2017

    MATIN Workshop Series — 2017 Workshop #2

    Topics: MATIN groups & projects (repeat / follow-up of MATIN Workshop #1). Overview of other features for improving collaborative research. User feedback and discussion.Registration / RSVP: not...


  2. MATIN Workshop Series

    16 Nov 2016 | Posted by Aleksandr Blekh

    Please visit the following forum post for the MATIN Workshop Series announcement: https://matin.gatech.edu/forum/defaultsection/matin-workshop-series/67. I look forward to seeing you there! Best...


  3. MATIN Workshop Series

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    MATIN WORKSHOP SERIES We plan to hold several MATIN workshops over the course of coming weeks. These will focus on highlighting the platform's core features and best practices in order to...


  4. Jul 11 2016

    MATIN Development Workshop

    A MATIN workshop for brainstorming, gathering user feedback and prioritizing development efforts.