e-Collaboration Demo: A scavenger hunt for 2D zeolites

In order to participate in this demonstration you need to login to MATIN. If you have pre-registered you should already have been invited to join the “eCollaboration – 2D Zeolite Scavenger Hunt” project. If you have not pre-registered you can login with the following guest account:

username: teamamember1

password: *written on board*

Note that multiple people can login with the same account, though you will need to refresh your browser more often to ensure that you get updates.

Once you have logged in you can navigate to Research -> Projects -> My Projects and select “eCollaboration – 2D Zeolite Scavenger Hunt” to go to the project page. You can choose “Notes” from the lefthand menu to follow along with the presentation. You may also notice knowledge generated from previous groups working on the scavenger hunt in the “Notes” and “Updates” section.

You can access the 2D structure generation tool at the bottom of the “2D Zeolite Introduction” note, or directly:

2D Zeolite Structure Generator

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